13th Conference on the

Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data

October 23–25, 2015

Elite World Istanbul Hotel

Sehit Muhtar Caddesi No:42 34435 Taksim, Istanbul, TURKEY


Friday, October 23



Friday 10:00 12:00


Competitiveness Research Network                 

Chair: Emmanuel Dhyne                                                                                               Ayasofya Room

Assessing European Competitiveness: The New CompNet Microbased Database

PALOMA LOPEZ-GARCIA (European Central Bank), Filippo Di Mauro, Comp-Net Task Force

The Macroeconomic and Productivity Effects of Structural Reforms

AIELLO GIOVANNI (Bocconi University), Cacciatore Matteo, Filippo di Mauro, Filippoi Giuseppe Fiori, Fabio Ghironi, Paolo Mengano

Exchange Rate Movements, Firm-Level Exports and Heterogeneity

EMMANUEL DHYNE (European Central Bank),Vlad Demian, Antonie Berthou


Firm Ownership and Organisation                              

Chair: Priit Vahter                                                                                                         Rumeli Room


Communication and Organization in Multi-Plant Businesses: Evidence from the Impact of the French High-Speed Rail

CLAIRE LELARGE (INSEE (French Statistical Institute) and Crest), Pauline Charnoz, Corentin Trevien

Testing the Property Rights Theory of Cross-Border Vertical Integration: Firm-Level Evidence in Korea

HYUNBAE CHUN (Sogang University), Jung Hur, Doyoung Kim, Nyeong Seon Son

Knowledge Transfer from Multinationals through Labour Mobility: Learning from Export Experience

PRIIT VAHTER (University of Tartu), Jaan Masso



Friday 12:00 13:00



Friday 13:00 14:00

Firm-to-Firm Trade: Imports, Exports, and the Labor Market

Samuel Kortum


- Samuel Kortum (Yale University)

Samuel S. Kortum, newly named as the James Burrows Moffatt Professor of Economics, focuses his research on international economics, industrial organization, and macroeconomics.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Kortum earned his Ph.D. from Yale in 1992. He has held faculty positions at the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, and Boston University. He served as an economist for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, a national fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge), and a visiting fellow at INSEE-CREST (Paris). He joined the Yale faculty in 2012 as professor of economics.

Kortum has contributed numerous articles and chapters to edited books and journals on the topic of international trade. He has also explored issues such as trade and carbon taxes, the semiconductor industry, patenting and productivity, and innovation more broadly. He served as editor of the Journal of Political Economy and as associate editor of the European Economic Review. He was elected a Fellow of the Econometric Society in 2011.

In 2004, the Yale professor was awarded the Frisch Medal, considered one of the top three prizes in the field of economics. He has received several grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the Environmental Protection Agency.



Friday 14:00 14:15



Friday 14:15 15:45


Labor Issues

Chair: Sarah Guillou                                                                                                     Rumeli Room

Indian Labor Regulations and the Cost of Corruption: Evidence from the Firm Size Distribution

AMRIT AMIRAPU (University of Kent), Michael Gechter

Workers Beneath the Floodgates: Impacts of Low-Wage Import Competition and Workers’ Adjustment

HALE UTAR (Bielefeld University)

Firm Labor Organization and Export Performance

SARAH GUILLOU (OFCE - Sciences Po, Paris), Michele Bernini, TaniaTreibich


Finance and Productivity        

Chair: Irani Arraiz                                                                                                     Ayasofya Room

Financial Constraints and Productivity: Evidence from Euro Area Companies

ANNALISA FERRANDO (European Central Bank), Alessandro Ruggieri

Psychometric Tests as A Tool to Improve Screening and Access to Credit: Evidence from Peru

IRANI ARRAIZ (InterAmerican Development Bank), Miriam Bruhn, Rodolfo Stucchi



Friday 15:45 16:00



Friday 16:00 17:30

Technology, Patents and R&D                                                        

Chair: Daniele Moschella                                                                                              Beylerbeyi Room

Effectiveness of Fiscal Incentives for R&D: A Quasi-Experiment

IREM GUCERI (Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation), Li Liu

What Do Firms Know? What Do They Produce? A New Look at the Relationship Between Patenting Profiles and Patterns of Product Diversification

DANIELE MOSCHELLA (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy), Giovanni Dosi, Marco Grazzi

Market Competition                                  

Chair:Michael D. Noel                                                                                                  Pierre Loti Room

Estimating Plant-Level Marginal Costs and Mark-ups in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry

KAMIL YILMAZ (Koc University), Erol Taymaz

Do Edgeworth Price Cycles Lead to Higher or Lower Prices?

MICHAEL D. NOEL (Texas Tech University)



Chair: Arhan S. Ertan                                                                                                        Rumeli  Room

Shadow of Death and the Exogeneity of Job Displacements: Comparing Mass Layoffs, Plant Closures, and Bankruptcies

DANIEL FACKLER (Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)), Steffen Mueller, Jens Stegmaier

Estimating Bankruptcy Risk: An Analysis of Turkish Manufacturing Firms

ARHAN S. ERTAN (Kadir Has University), Omer Ersan     



Friday 17:30



Saturday, October 24


Saturday 09:00 10:30

Allocation and Misallocation   

Chair: Martin Rotemberg                                                                                              Beylerbeyi Room

Misallocation and Productivity Dispersion: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

J. DAVID BROWN (U.S. Census Bureau), Emin Dinlersoz, John S. Earle

Are We Undercounting Reallocation’s Contribution to Growth?

MARTIN ROTEMBERG (Harvard University), Thomas Kirk White, Mitsukuni Nishida, Amil Petrin


Corporate Governance and Firm Performance                               

Chair:Alexander Mosthaf                                                                                              Pierre Loti Room

Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed?

STEVEN POELHEKKE (VU University Amsterdam), Beata Javorcik

The Sustainability of Increased Female Representation in Management Positions

ALEXANDER MOSTHAF (Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz), Mario Bossler, Thorsten Schank

Internationalization and Exports

Chair: Andrea Ariu                                                                                                            Rumeli  Room

Productivity Differences by Export Destination

FERNANDA RICOTTA (University of Calabria)

The Ladder of Foreign Sales: Internationalization Modes of European Firms

BALAZS MURAKOZY (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics), Gabor Bekes

Why Firms Export Both Goods and Services: Theory and Evidence

ANDREA ARIU (McDonough Business School, Georgetown University), Florian Mayneris, Mathieu Parenti


Saturday 10:30 10:45     



Saturday 10:45 12:15


ICT and Social Networks

Chair: Francis Kramarz                                                                                           Beylerbeyi Room

Are Jobs More Polarized in ICT Firms?

JARI VAINIOMAKI  (University of Tampere), Petri Böckerman, Seppo Laaksonen

When Connections Cause Job Creation: Firm-Level Responses to Supply Shocks Within Their Workers’ Social Networks

FRANCIS KRAMARZ (Ecole Polytechnique and Ensae), Marcus Eliason, Lena Hensvik, Oskar Nordström Skans


Entry, Exit, Reallocation

Chair: Yoonsoo Lee                                                                                                     Ayasofya Room

Trade Liberalisation and Productivity Reallocation: The Role of Cross-Border Acquisitions

CAGATAY BIRCAN (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Productivity Growth in the Retail Sector: Entry, Exit, and Reallocation

YOONSOO LEE (Sogang University), Janghee Cho,Hyunbae Chun


Job Creation                               

Chair: Michael Anyadike-Danes                                                                                       Rumeli  Room

Firm Dynamics and Job Creation in Turkey

IZAK ATIYAS (TUSIAD-Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum), Ozan Bakis, Yusuf Kenan Orhan

Fecundity, Survival and Growth: High Growth Firms in the UK and Their Contribution to Job Creation, A Demographic Perspective

MICHAEL ANYADIKE-DANES (Aston Business School), Mark Hart



Saturday 12:15 13:15



Saturday 13:15 14:15

Micro Data and Economic Growth

Ufuk Akcigit



- Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago)

Ufuk Akcigit is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. As a macroeconomist, his research centers on economic growth, productivity, firm dynamics and economics of innovation. Before joining the University of Chicago, Akcigit was an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Akcigit has received several awards for both research and teaching, including the Kravis Award recognizing outstanding undergraduate teaching. This year he was named a Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellow in recognition of his outstanding scholarship.

Akcigit received his bachelor's degree in economics from Koc University in Istanbul. He then went on to earn his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009.



Saturday 14:15 14:30


Saturday 14:30 16:00

Dynamics of Young and Small Firms 

Chair: Javier Miranda                                                                                                    Beylerbeyi Room

The Role of Access to Finance, Bankruptcy Regulation and Contract Enforcement for the Dynamics of Start-Ups

FLAVIO CALVINO (Sant’Anna University in Italy and Sorbonne in Paris), Chiara Criscuolo, Carlo Menon

Finance and Growth at the Firm Level: Evidence from SBA Loans

J. DAVID BROWN (U.S. Census Bureau), John S. Earle

Where Has All the Skewness Gone?  The Decline in High-Growth (Young) Firms in the U.S.

JAVIER MIRANDA (U.S. Census Bureau), Ryan A. Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin


Patterns of Firm Growth 

Chair: Unal Tongur                                                                                                        Pierre Loti Room

Gains from exporting in high growth SMEs across Europe

MARTIN FALK (Austrian Institute of Economic Research WIFO), Eva Hagsten

Patterns of Firm Growth in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry

UNAL TONGUR (Akdeniz University), Erol Taymaz



Chair: Guanyu Zheng                                                                                                    Rumeli Room

Micro-evidence on the relationship between product and labor market imperfections and TFP in Belgium and the Netherlands

MARK VANCAUTEREN (Hasselt University), Sabien  Dobbelaere

Do New Zealand Firms Catch Up to the Domestic Productivity Frontier?

GUANYU ZHENG (Productivity Commission), Paul Conway, Lisa Meehan


Data Issues and Productivity

Chair:Alexander Schiersch                                                                                             Ayasofya  Room

Synthetic Data Servers As Data Improvement and Access Mechanisms

LARS VILHUBER (Cornell University)

Considering The (Un)Observed: Temporary Agency Work In Productivity Estimation

ALEXANDER SCHIERSCH (German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin))



Saturday 16:00 16:15



Saturday 16:15 17:45

Trade, Productivity and Mark-ups 

Chair: Balazs Murakozy                                                                                              Beylerbeyi Room

Productivity, Markups and International Trade: The Case of Small Open Economy


Understanding the Cross-country Productivity Gap of Exporters

KOZO KIYOTA (Keio Economic Observatory, Keio University), Toshiyuki Matsuura, Lionel Nesta

Markup and Productivity of Exporters and Importers

BALAZS MURAKOZY (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics), Ceclia Hornok


Impact of Imports and Exports                              

Chair: Matthew Kidder                                                                                                   Ayasofya Room

Export Diversification and Output Volatility: Comparative Firm-Level Evidence

JAANIKA MERIKULL (Bank of Estonia ), Urška Čede, Péter Harasztosi, Tibor Lalinsky, Bogdan Chiriacescu

Imported Intermediate Goods and Product Innovation: Evidence from India

MEHMET FATIH ULU (Central Bank of Turkey), Murat Seker, Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado

On The Treatment Effect of Exporting: A New Approach Brings New Evidence

MATTHEW KIDDER (University of California Irvine)


Firm Dynamics in Turbulent Times 

Chair: Carlos Carreira                                                                                                        Rumeli  Room

Taken by Storm: Business Financing, Survival, and Contagion in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

EMEK BASKER (U.S. Census Bureau), Javier Miranda

Assessing the Cleansing Effect of the Great Recession in Europe

ERIC BARTELSMAN (VU University Amsterdam; Tinbergen Institute; IZA Bonn;), Paloma Lopez-Garcia, Giorgio Presidente

Cleansing in Severe Recessions: What Can Be Learned From The 2008–2013 Portuguese Crisis?

CARLOS CARREIRA (University of Coimbra), Paulino Teixeira



Saturday 17:45



Sunday, October 25


Sunday 09:00 10:30

Labour Issues                                 

Chair: Shawn Klimek                                                                                                          Beylerbeyi  Room

Agglomeration Effects of Informal Sector: Evidence from Cambodia

KIYOYASU TANAKA (Institute of Developing Economies), Yoshihiro Hashiguchi

Employment Expectations and Uncertainties Ahead of the New German Minimum Wage

MARIO BOSSLER (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))

Customer-Labor Substitution:Evidence from Gasoline Stations

SHAWN KLIMEK (U.S. Census Bureau), Emek Basker, Lucia Foster

Incentives, R&D and Innovation 

Chair: Caroline Paunov                                                                                                      Rumeli  Room

The Productivity Effects of Industry-University Collaboration Evidence from Plant Level Data in Japan

KENTA IKEUCHI (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)), René Belderbos,Young Gak Kim, Hyeog Ug Kwon

Has the Internet Fostered Inclusive Innovation in the Developing World?


Patterns of Export Behavior                                                               

Chair: Basak Dalgic                                                                                                   Pıerre Loti  Room

The Impact of Local Product Relatedness on Firm Export Performances: Evidence from France

CILEM SELIN HAZIR, Cyrielle Gaglio, Flora Bellone

Costs of Trade and Self-selection into Exporting and Importing: The Case of Turkish Manufacturing Firms

BASAK DALGIC (Hacettepe University), Burcu Fazlioglu, Michael Gasiorek



Sunday 10:30 10:45



Sunday 10:45 12:15

Jobs, Employment and Earnings 

Chair: Kevin L. Mckinney                                                                                           Beylerbeyi  Room

The Shifting Job Tenure Distribution

JAMES R. SPLETZER (U.S. Census Bureau), Henry R. Hyatt

Earnings Inequality Trends in the United States: Nationally Representative Estimates from Longitudinally Linked Employer-Employee Data

KEVIN L. MCKINNEY (U.S. Census Bureau), John M. Abowd, Nellie Zhao


Impact of Trade                                                            

Chair: Selva Bahar Baziki                                                                                             Ayasofya  Room

Bank Competition and Financial Constraints

ELMAS YALDIZ HANEDAR ( Yeditepe University)

Globalization, Chinese Imports, and Skill Premia in a Small Open Economy

SELVA BAHAR BAZIKI (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)


Trade, Finance and Firm Performance

Chair: Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan                                                                                            Rumeli Room

Trade Restrictiveness and Competition in Services

ALEXANDROS RAGOUSSIS (German Development Institute), Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas

Capital Allocation and Productivity in South Europe

SEBNEM KALEMLI-OZCAN (University of Maryland, College Park), Gita Gopinath, Loukas Karabarbounis, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez


Labour Flows and Spillovers                   

Chair: Sebastian Nielen                                                                                                Pierre Loti Room

Spillovers From Multinationals to Domestic Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Profitability Effects of Labour Flows

PEKKA ILMAKUNNAS (Aalto University School of Business), Hanna Pesola, Mika Maliranta

Temporary Employment and Innovation Output: Empirical Evidence from German Establishment Data

SEBASTIAN NIELEN (Institute for applied economic research Tübingen), Alexander Schiersch



Sunday 12:15 13:15



Sunday 13:15